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The goal of the Neuronio Clinic is to create an environment based on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies in the field of health to assess and monitor the cognitive health of adults  who are concerned about their memory status or getting dementia.

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Adults who are somewhat concerned about their memory status, as well as those with related underlying conditions that predispose them to cognitive decline, such as patients with multiple sclerosis, seizures, prolonged depression and other chronic psychiatric disorders, stroke, brain trauma. Or have a family history of Alzheimer’s, need preventative measures. By creating an environment based on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies in the field of health, we seek to take precautionary measures to prevent these people from becoming unfamiliar and the optimal functioning of their nervous system.


Memory and Cognition





Medical Assesment & Checkup

Cognitive Rehabilitation




Team Leaders

Dr. Seyed Mahdi Khaligh Razavi

Cognitive Science Specialist, Graduate of Cognitive and Brain Sciences from the University of Cambridge

Dr. Zahra Vahabi

Assistant Professor of Neurology In Tehran University of Medical Sciences



Neuronio Clinic

What is dementia?

When there is impairment in any cognitive domains and/or behavior that interfere with the independent living of individuals and thereby disrupts the ability to function at daily routines or at work as normally as before, that individual will be diagnosed with dementia which is irreversible.

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What is cognition?

Cognition is our brain highest-level functions that enables us to think, learn, memorize, communicate with others by understanding and speaking to people, writing and reading, cook, drive, do monetary issues, judge, solve problems, plan, concentrate, pay attention and etc. All these cognitive functions of our brains differentiate us as humans from non-human primates and other creatures and make our personality and behavior.

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